Test Suits

This is a test to see how the suit images stored in the wiki work when used within the text:

These are the suits: Moons suit34-moon.gif, Suns suit34-suns.gif, Waves suit34-wave.gif, Leaves suit34-leaf.gif, Wyrms suit34-wyrm.gif, Knots suit34-knot.gif

And some card references: 6suit34-moon.gifsuit34-wave.gif

Here they are as images that don't need to be resized: moons.pngsuns.pngwaves.pngleaves.pngwyrms.pngknots.png

And this is a test for the newer, simple suit pictures from the new Book:

The suits and symbols: Moons moons.png, Suns suns.png, Waves waves.png, Leaves leaves.png, Wyrms wyrms.png, Knots knots.png, Pawn pawn.png, Court court.png, Crown crown.png

And card references: 8moons.pngsuns.png, Awyrms.png, pawn.pngwaves.pngknots.pngleaves.png (these are invented, I didn't see if they exist :D )

[PD:] I made up the longhand suit symbols for the book because I needed something that worked both at small size and as lineart. Here on the wiki, I think we should use something that's in colour. But the ordinary suit symbols are hard to read when shrunk down to a dozen pixels. So I tried making some that are explicitly designed for small on-screen reading.

Here they are: Moons moons.png, Suns suns.png, Waves waves.png, Leaves leaves.png, Wyrms wyrms.png, Knots knots.png

I've attached them as images to a page with a short name, 'a', so that they are easy to reference. We could put alternate versions of the suits with the same file names but attached to other short-named pages (like 'b') if we wanted to keep multiple versions around.

What do you think?

[I briefly had another alternate version here, but I decided it was superfluous.]

I like the new versions but I think keeping the others is also good. I especially like the b/w ones and think they still look good on the wiki —Jorge

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