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Decktet cards design

20 Apr 2015 14:11

I noticed that the Painter is the only unarmed personality. Is that correct, or does the ferret count as a weapon?

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Ranked at BGG!

29 Dec 2009 21:30

Having accrued thirty ratings, the Decktet is now a ranked game in the BoardgameGeek database. Of course, it's not ranking highly - since the ranking is the complex product of average rating and the number of ratings, the Decktet is ranked at the 2575th.

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Extended Deck: New Rank: Courts

16 Mar 2009 23:15


A new rank card was introduced to the Extended Deck. This optional Courts rank is positioned between the Pawns and the Crowns and is composed of four cards with three suits each (just like the Pawns). The combinations of suits on these cards are the ones that don't appear on the regular deck.

These cards have not been released freely, so they're not really available at the moment unless you buy a decktet from P.D. Magnus (the designer).

More information from from P.D. Magnus can be found here:

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Vassal Module

09 Jan 2009 03:08

I started working on a Vassal module. It's been a while since I've wanted to learn how vassal modules are created, so I dived right into it :)

Here's the link: (from the wiki itself).

Right now it has 2 player sides (red and green) with their own hidden player hands plus the deck on the table with a discard pile.

I guess it's possible to save different setups for different games, but right now there are none. Still, it's not that hard to create a setup from scratch, as you can select cards from the deck manually, or shuffle and deal randomly.

I'm sure there are vassal features I've missed, and other things that could be used too, so please, feel free to comment, suggest, or post any tips or ideas.


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Decktet Microbadges

02 Dec 2008 22:07

I submitted a couple of microbadges on BGG:

Fortune Teller: mb_Decktetfan.gifSuns Suit: mb_Decktetfan2.gif

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