Tet Hsi
Designed by MY Tian
Players 2
Length About 15 minutes.
Extra Material None

A strange set-collection game inspired by a Chinese-Dominoes game. Actually, the exact rule of that game was lost, and Tet Hsi is based on some fragments of it.


Only the standard deck is used in this game.

Shuffle the deck and deal 8 cards to each player. Then deal 2 cards face-up in the center of table. The remaining cards form the drawing pile.

Game play

On your turn, discard one of the two face-up cards in the center of table, and then:

1. Take the remaining face-up card and place it in front of you. This card also belongs to your hand, but your opponent can see it. Then, play 1 card from you hand to the center of table.
2. Play 2 cards from your hand (including the cards in front of you) to form a Set with the remaining face-up card, and put these 3 cards aside. If there is no cards in your hand (in other words, you have already put 3 Sets aside), you win the game immediately. If not, play 1 card from you hand to the center of table.
3. Do nothing.

Finally, reveal the top card of the drawing pile and put it in the center of the table. If the drawing pile is empty, the game ends in a tie. Otherwise, it’s your opponent’s turn now, and there should be 2 face-up cards in the center of table for him/her.


A Set contains 3 cards. Aces and Crowns are considered having 2 same suits, and the suits from these 3 cards should meet one of the following requirements (each letter indicates a different suit):

1. Five AAAAAB

2. Bharg ABCDEF

3. Kvar AA+AB+AB (AA+AA+BB is not okay)

4. Ciao AAAABC, where BC must be Moon&Wyrm or Sun&Leaf or Wave&Knot. (Actually, these are the combinations that doesn’t appear in number cards. )

5. Phen AAABBB


Inspired by a lost Chinese-Dominoes game. Tet Hsi wouldn't exist if 闵凡信 didn't published his findings in the book 宣和牌谱清玩.

The name Bharg comes from the game Bharg. The name Kvar comes from Esperanto. The name Ciao and Phen come from Chinese.


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