Designed by Johannes Hüsing
Players 3-4
Length unknown
Extra Material scorekeeping tools

Majority game where personalities may be used as special actions.

The townsfolk of Jacynth gather in groups to spread rumours about the six houses. The larger the crowd, the more likely the rumour will stick, and the crowd disperses.


With three players, use the base deck. With four, add the pawns and courts.

Game play


Shuffle the discard pile (on turn one, the whole deck).


Starting with the player left to who scored least points during the last turn, deal shuffled cards one by one clockwise until the pile is exhausted.


Each player, starting with the one who received the first card, takes any number of cards from his hand and places them face down before him. All cards must share the same lower suit.


Each player turns his cards face up and places them along with his other open cards (from previous rounds). Cards are grouped by their upper suit.


Points are assigned for the player with the largest group from Knots (1 point) to Moons (6 points). If there's a tie, no points are claimed for the current suit. A player who gained points places the group of cards onto the discard pile.

End of game

The game ends after seven rounds. Player with most points wins.


Suit on aces and crowns counts as lower and upper suit. The middle suit on pawns and courts may count for the lower suit during Gather. Pawns and Courts may not form crowds of one during Meet, however.

The personalities


Every personality card may be removed from hand (and from game) onto the discard pile to invoke its personal action.


Point at target: Pick one card from the discard pile. Usage: after Gossip.


If no one talks, sing: If, during Gossip, no cards of a suit are open, gain the points of the suit. Usage: during Gossip.


Negotiate stalemates: If there's a tie, pick the winner. Usage: during Gossip.


Confuse: Void the action of a personality card just played. Usage: immediately after card is played, even after its use is specified (for instance, the Huntress has chosen her targets). Both voided card and Lunatic are discarded.


Shanghai: Place another card face down from your hand before you, disregarding suit. Usage: after Gather.

phase timing cards
Shuffle during
Deal during
after Merchant
Gather during
after Sailor, Painter
Meet during
after Savage
Gossip during Bard, Diplomat, Light Keeper, Watchman
after Consul, Author, Soldier, Penitent, Huntress


Wild: Turn one of your open cards face down, naming a suit. This card assumes the named suit until Gossip has resolved. It is discarded if you win the suit. Usage: after Meet.


Request offerings: Every other player has to discard two cards of their choice from hand. Usage: after Gossip.


Retell the tale: Repeat the Gossip phase for a suit of your choice using the remaining face-up cards. The Author can retell a rumour even if it was forfeited by the Watchman during the Gossip phase. Usage: after Gossip.


Way with numbers: Put down a row of cards (any subsequence of ace, 2 … 9, pawn, court,crown) instead of set of matching lower suit. Usage: before Gather.


Repaint: During the following Gossip phase, cards will be scored accoring to their lower instead of their upper suit. Usage: after Gather.


Occupy: All players (including yourself) discard all their Location cards from hand. Usage: after Gossip.


Repute: Gain 3 points. Usage: after Gossip.

Light Keeper

Remain in light: During one rumour you win you may leave half of the cards (rounded down) in front of you, discarding the rest. Usage: during Gossip.


Inhibit the rumour: Skip the Gossip phase for a suit of your choice. Usage: during Gossip.

The extended deck

Pawns and Courts are used with four players. The Excuse is not used.


I thought this up after reading the rules summary of Koryŏ. The rules and concepts of Rumourmongers are mostly unaffected by playtesting. Use at your own risk.



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