Old Janx Spirit
Designed by David L. Van Slyke
Players 2
Length Medium
Extra Material None

a Decktet rummy game for two people

"Oh won't you play one more game of that Old Janx Spirit,
Oh won't you play one more game of that Old Janx Spirit,
For my luck will show, my melds will go, my victory you'll know, and I will crow,
So don't you play me one more game of that sinful Old Janx Spirit"


Shuffle a basic (not extended) Decktet and deal ten cards to each player. The remaining cards, face-down, become the draw pile.

Game play

A meld is a set of cards fulfilling one of the following conditions:

* contains exactly one instance of each of the six suits (a suit-meld)
* a set of three or more cards of the same rank (a kind-meld)
* a set of three or more cards of consecutive ranks that all share a single suit (a run-meld)

Note that Aces and Crowns are not considered consecutive: the counting does not "wrap around".

Each turn draw one card and discard one card. On the first turn the draw must happen from the draw pile. On subsequent turns the draw can happen from the top of either the draw pile or the discard pile.

Take turns until, after discarding, all ten cards in your hand are part of melds. Lay down the melds face-down to flaunt your victory. The player who does this scores one point; play again.

Note: There are many different types of winning hands. Here are a few examples:
(i) Two three-card suit-melds in which each card has two suits, and a kind-meld of four aces.
(ii) A four-card suit-meld consisting of two Threes and two aces, and a run-meld of six cards all having Knots
(iii) A single ten-card run-meld in which all cards have Waves

Note: This game has more luck in the initial deal than traditional Gin Rummy, which is why "knocking" is not allowed and scoring is based only on who can "go out" first.

The Extended Deck

If the extended Decktet is used then the Excuse counts as any single suit or rank and the Pawns have three suits but no rank.



Thanks go to Nathan Brown for help play-testing.



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