Designed by Ânderson Martins Pereira
Players 2-4
Length 10-15
Extra Material 7 tokens for each player

The idea of the game is that the person with less punctuation wins. Therefore, the idea is to try not to punctuate or even soften your score.


Shuffle all the deck and place it in the middle of the table
Give seven tokens for each player


Each card scores the exact number it has.
Aces = 1 point
Pawns = 10 points
Courts= 15 points
Crowns = 20 points
Excuse = The excuse will be used as a wildcard, therefore it will punctuate as the card chosen by the player.
Each token that a player holds at the end of the game has one negative point in the score (-1)

Softening punctuation

Given the order Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Paws, Courts and Crowns.
Each time you can match suits and the order just the score of the lower card is taken into account. For example, you have 4 and a 3 and both share the suit of wyrms. In this case, you put them together and they score only 3.

Game play

To start the game the first player will take a card from the deck and leave it face up to the table. After, he will decide if he wants to take it (and have its punctuation against him) or leave it to another player. Deciding to leave, he has to say “nope” at the cost of one of his tokens that will be given to the card on the table. The next player can also live the card (putting on his tokens) or take the card and the tokens that are on it to himself. If a player does not have tokens to decline he has to take a card. When the card is taken, the next player can draw a card and decide to take it or leave it. And it will occur until de deck ends.

The extended deck

The game uses the basic and the extended deck


The excuse can be used not as a wildcard but as an “excuse” and take out the punctuation of a card or a group of cards that share the same suit and are in the order shown in the “softening punctuation" section.


Alaor Valério Filho


I have played it with a maximum of four players, but if you want to try with five; it might work.

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