Designed by Ralph T
Players 2-5
Length TBC
Extra Material 30 suit chips (5 for each suit)

A Decktet version of the card game Wildlife Safari


Moco! is played with the standard Decktet deck plus the Pawns. With 5 players, the Excuse is also used.

Take out the Aces in each suit. Use the Aces to set up the game board (six cards face up in the center of the playing area).

Remove 2 random cards in a 2 or 4 player game, and 1 random card in a 3 player game. In a 5 player game, no cards are removed, but the Excuse is added in and counts as a wild card of any suit.

Shuffle the remaining cards, and deal them evenly to all players.

Sort the 30 chips by color and place them in the playing area beside the relevant Ace cards.

The player to the left of the dealer starts.

Game play

On your turn you must play one card onto a pile. One of the suits of the card you play must match the Ace at the bottom of the pile. A pile cannot change suits.

After you have played your card, take a chip in any color. (Special two player rule: You cannot take a chip in the color of the suit you just played).

The game ends when there are six cards (excluding the Ace) in any one suit. Alternatively, if there are not six cards in any suit, the game ends when the last card is played.

Scoring: Every chip you've collected scores. Each chip is worth the value of the final card placed on its suit pile. Pawn cards are value one. Crown cards are value 10. The Excuse is value 0. Number cards are the value of their rank.

The total value of your chips is your score.

The extended deck

This game uses the Pawn cards. The Excuse card is only used in a 5 player game.


Play as many games as there are players, with each player taking turns to be the dealer. Scores are recorded after every round. At the end of the final game, add up each player's score. The player with the highest total score wins.


This game is designed by Ralph T.

Rules added to the wiki by David Masters.


Rules taken from the BGG forums.

Variant and start player rules taken from Loco!


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