MY Tian

I'm an abstract-game lover (and a very bad player) from China.

My designs:

Strings of Suits(同花串): A game inspired by Go-muku.

My first design, not very interesting, but maybe a good start. I made it when I noticed that there wasn't combinatorial games for Decktet.

Moon-moonwave and Tet Hsi: Two work-in-progress games inspired by Chinese-Dominoes games.

Chinese-Dominoes contains 32 tiles. There is no "Blank" in Chinese-Dominioes, and the combinations don't occur with equal frequency, which is a little bit similiar to Decktet. So I think it'll be interesting to adapt some Chinese-Dominoes games to the standard Decktet, with the 6 suits representing 1~6 on the tiles. Hope that more features (ranks, types) can be used in the future.

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