Guilddom Adventures Made Easy
Designed by David L. Van Slyke
Players 2+
Length indefinite
Extra Material rules, pen and paper, etc.

Guilddom Adventures Made Easy (GAME) is a table-top RPG. An older version of the game used the Decktet instead of dice. This worked very well, but eventually the game was changed to use 8-sided dice. Later versions are diceless.

Under the old rules, each suit corresponded to one of the setting's six races (elves, trolls, etc.) and also one of the six characteristic (strength, intelligence, etc.).

A skill check could succeed in two ways. First, the numeric value of the card was used like a normal die roll for a skill-based RPG (the skill was rated 1 to 10, and the attempt succeeded if the card's numeric value was equal or less). Second, if the character was exceptional at the skill's governing characteristic (for example, strength for melee combat) then any card of the corresponding suit also meant a success.

Using cards also allowed situational modifiers to be handled nicely: the player simply turned over more than one card and needed to succeed in the skill check with every card. This was very quick, with no mental arithmetic required.

The existence of so many Aces (1s) meant that characters with minimal rating in a skill could still succeed 17% of the time in an easy (one card) skill check, which worked well.



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