Putting suit symbols in a wiki page

The suit symbols can be placed in-line with text in game rules and examples.

At that size, they look like this: moons.pngsuns.pngwaves.pngleaves.pngwyrms.pngknots.png

Below is a list of the graphical symbols, along with the wiki code to display them.


moons.png [[image c/moons.png]]
suns.png [[image c/suns.png]]
waves.png [[image c/waves.png]]
leaves.png [[image c/leaves.png]]
wyrms.png [[image c/wyrms.png]]
knots.png [[image c/knots.png]]


pawn.png [[image c/pawn.png]]
court.png [[image c/court.png]]
crown.png [[image c/crown.png]]

You can indicate number ranks using typed numerals and Aces using a typed letter A.

So, the Ace of Wyrms is Awyrms.png and the Diplomat is 8moons.pngsuns.png.


facecard.png [[image c/facecard.png]]
location.png [[image c/location.png]]
event.png [[image c/event.png]]
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