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Here's a list of all the games currently available on the wiki:

Ransom Trump

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-4
Length ?
Extra Material None

a trick-taking game for 2 to 4 players, using the Decktet


Designed by José Carlos de Diego Guerrero
Players 2-4
Length 15m per hand
Extra Material None

A trick-taking game for 2 to 4 players, from 10 ten years old. (Translated from Revelación)

Royal Python

Designed by Roxanne Clark
Players 2-6
Length 45-60 mins
Extra Material Board and Cards available on the BGG entry plus Suit coloured/marked player tokens

A Decktet Board Game. Use the Basic Deck plus the excuse racing to the head of the snake and back to its tail.


Designed by Johannes Hüsing
Players 3-4
Length unknown
Extra Material scorekeeping tools

Majority game where personalities may be used as special actions.


Designed by Gene Moore
Players 2
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material 20 tokens in 2 colors (10 of each color, suit chips may be used)

A game for two players, in which you are a merchant attempting to claim as many trade routes throughout the kingdom as you can.


Designed by Jacob Valdez
Players 2-2
Length 10 minutes
Extra Material None

A game of ending border tensions.

Second Story

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-5
Length 15 minutes
Extra Material dice, chips

a game of reckless burgling


Designed by Greg James
Players 2-5
Length 10 min/player
Extra Material 1 Token of each Suit per Player

Players start the game with a pool of tokens matching the Decktet’s suits and then they try to get rid of them through careful trick taking.

Siege Of Jacynth

Siege of Jacynth

Designed by Greg James
Players 2
Length 20 mins

A challenging tile-laying area control game for 2 players.


Designed by Isaac Bickerstaff
Players 3-4
Length 30 min.
Extra Material None

Manipulate the cards in this trick-taking game to take as many tricks as you can, while avoiding the cursed suit.


Designed by Mike Arlington
Players 1
Length ?
Extra Material None

a tableau-building solitaire game that uses the scoring rules of Terrapin

Solo Hex

Designed by tsilver33
Players 1
Length Short
Extra Material The extended Decktet

A solitaire game for the decktet.

Sorcerous Futures

Designed by Adam Blinkinsop, P. D. Magnus
Players 3-4
Length 45 minutes
Extra Material poker chips or equivalent

An arcane commodity speculation game of bidding and bluffing.


This game was renamed Sorcerous Futures.

Stamp Albums

Designed by Roxanne Clark
Players 2
Length 15
Extra Material None

Compete to collect a better stamp collection than your competitor.


Designed by David L. Van Slyke
Players 2
Length Long
Extra Material Cribbage board and pegs

a Decktet game for two players and using a cribbage board

Sun Bid

Designed by Greg James
Players 2-4
Length 30 mins

A 2-4 player auction game for the Decktet with an innovative scoring system designed for the double-suited cards.

Sunset Poker

Designed by Christopher Menart
Players 3-9
Length About 1 Hour
Extra Material 1 Decorative Object to serve as the 'Sun'

Gather as many cards as you can while the sun is still out—because once it falls, only the strongest will survive.


Designed by Kenny VenOsdel
Players 2
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material None

This game is a work in progress but I believe it is near completion. If you try it and have feedback please contact me on BGG. Username is kvenosdel. Thanks


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-7
Length open ended
Extra Material coins/chips

a family of betting games; score points, avoid Turtle Butt

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