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Here's a list of all the games currently available on the wiki:

Siege Of Jacynth

Siege of Jacynth

Designed by Greg James
Players 2
Length 20 mins

A challenging tile-laying area control game for 2 players.


Designed by Isaac Bickerstaff
Players 3-4
Length 30 min.
Extra Material None

Manipulate the cards in this trick-taking game to take as many tricks as you can, while avoiding the cursed suit.

Solo Hex

Designed by tsilver33
Players 1
Length Short
Extra Material The extended Decktet

A solitaire game for the decktet.

Sorcerous Futures

Designed by Adam Blinkinsop, P. D. Magnus
Players 3-5
Length 1 hour
Extra Material poker chips or equivalent

An arcane commodity speculation game of bidding and bluffing.


This game was renamed Sorcerous Futures.

Stamp Albums

Designed by Roxanne Clark
Players 2
Length 15
Extra Material None

Compete to collect a better stamp collection than your competitor.


Designed by David L. Van Slyke
Players 2
Length Long
Extra Material Cribbage board and pegs

a Decktet game for two players and using a cribbage board

Sun Bid

Designed by Greg James
Players 2-4
Length 30 mins

A 2-4 player auction game for the Decktet with an innovative scoring system designed for the double-suited cards.


Designed by Kenny VenOsdel
Players 2
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material None

This game is a work in progress but I believe it is near completion. If you try it and have feedback please contact me on BGG. Username is kvenosdel. Thanks


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-7
Length open ended
Extra Material coins/chips

a family of betting games; score points, avoid Turtle Butt

The Curious Case of the Disappeared Decktet card

Designed by Roger Meertens
Players 3-6
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material pen and paper for all players

HELP! One of the cards from the original decktet has been stolen. You are on the case, like the good detective you are. The rich reward and eternal glory certainly are good motivations. Unfortunately you are not the only detective who's after the card. This makes the investigation difficult at least. The answers you get from your fellow detectives are ambiguous and enigmatic. So… it's up to you to find the missing card first.

The Four Courts

Designed by Greg James
Players 3-4
Length 30 mins

The Four Courts is a set collecting game for 3 or 4 players and is recommended for younger players.

The Hero’s Journey

Designed by Mike Everett-Lane
Players 2-4
Length ?
Extra Material Extended Deck, 72 Suit tokens, 1 Pawn for each Player

The Wall

Designed by Julien Griffon
Players 2-2
Length 45
Extra Material 7 D6s (Decktet dice are preferable), Decktet suit counters, 3 tokens

Trying to get the best parts of the city on your side of the wall

The Young Queen's Palimpsest

Designed by Adam Blinkinsop
Players 2-5
Length 60 minutes
Extra Material 20 cubes (scholars and scribes) per player

Players are scholars and scribes poring over (studying, scribbling, erasing, more scribbling) an ancient manuscript. By playing cards to the free-form play area and then placing worker cubes on them for control, they hope to have their work be recognized by the Queen at story time.

Third Wheel

Designed by Kenny VenOsdel
Players 3
Length 40
Extra Material None

Third Wheel is a game for 2 people who want a 3rd to leave. Successful collusion against a third party member can convey the message that they are no longer wanted and often results in them leaving, and rather quickly at that. It has been used for exactly this purpose so effectively that in Jacynth simply suggesting a game of Third Wheel has become a rather impolite way to ask someone to go home. As a result the game is often suggested, but very rarely played.

Third Wheel is a trick taking game for exactly 3 players where 2 players (referred to as Setters) are always set against a rotating dealer (referred to as Dealer). The 2 Setters will get to call trump and hi/low, and then the dealer must bid a number of tricks they will take, with the goal being to make their bid exactly. The other players will get the most points for setting the dealer, but the player who took fewer tricks will usually do the best.


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-5
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material a scorepad

a fast paced game of careful timing


Designed by Anders Bentsen
Players 3+
Length 15 min
Extra Material None

an avoid-winning-the-last-trick trick-taking game.

Tinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy

Designed by mrichey
Players 1
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material Extended decktet and 36 suit chips, 6 of each suit

Recruit team members and gain experience before adventuring through the world.


Designed by Othila
Players 3-6
Length untested
Extra Material Writing Implements

Poetry, knowing, and association.

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