All The Games

Here's a list of all the games currently available on the wiki:

Gongor Whist

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 1
Length quick
Extra Material None

a solitaire trick-taking game

Head Solitaire

Designed by David L. Van Slyke
Players 1
Length Short
Extra Material None

a Decktet solitaire game that does not require a playing surface


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-5
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material None

You're a hermit who tries to avoid having people follow you home. So are all of your opponents.


Designed by Dejan Racković
Players 1
Length 10-15 min
Extra Material 5 six-sided dice, suit chips, way to keep track of damage

A solitaire adventure game for the decktet.

Kingdom is facing the biggest threat ever! Dark, ancient forces have returned and are unleashing their evil and terror causing destruction and mayhem. You are Jacynth's most famous adventurer given an important task - you must retrieve 6 pieces of an ancient artifact and bring it to the place where the ritual will be performed in order to destroy the source of this evil. Its minions will try to stop you along the way.

Hidden Wall

Designed by Ghislain Levelque
Players 1
Length ?
Extra Material Extended decktet, 2 decktet dice or 2 standard d6 dice and correspondance table, suit chips

Solo or 2P game using the roles of the cards

If Badger was a Bunny

Designed by Justus Pang
Players 2
Length 20
Extra Material None

An asymmetric climbing race game for two.

Ivory Tower

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 1
Length ?
Extra Material None

a Decktet solitaire game


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 1-3
Length 20 minutes
Extra Material 8 markers in two colors

a territory control Decktet game for 2-3 players, plus a solitaire variant


Designed by Greg James
Players 2 or more
Length 10 mins
Ages 4 and up

A "Go Fish" style Decktet game designed by and for younger players (or the young at heart). With more players and more decks, Jigger becomes the Decktet’s first party game.


Designed by Jeff Warrender
Players 2-4
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material Extended deck, 12 chips/player, ~50 cubes

Players are journalists, and have just received a lead to an important story. There are 12 hours (time chips) until press; each player must assemble the best story possible in that time, by gaining evidence (cards), and getting attestation (cubes) to support that evidence. Suits loosely represent the 6 categories ("who", "what", etc), and each player has a category in which he/she specializes (Aces). At the end of the game, the strongest story will be printed, and that player will be the winning journalist.


Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 3-5
Length 1 hour
Extra Material tokens

An auction game of cunning masterminds and twisted capers


Designed by Eskay
Players 1
Extra Material A double decktet

Another olde style solitaire game for the Decktet.


Designed by Andrew Watson
Players 3-5
Length 45 minutes
Extra Material Suit chips and cubes (13 in each of 5 player colors)

Libtis is an area control game, with location cards representing areas, and personality cards enabling you to place cubes in those areas. At the end of each of the three rounds, suit chips are awarded. At the end of the game, each player's score is calculated as the sum of suit chip points and bonus points.

Suits have the standard Decktet ordering: Moon chips are the most valuable, and Knot chips the least. (For point values of suit chips, see Game End and Scoring below. For a rich thematic description of the game, see the Libtis Almanac, if I ever get round to publishing it.)


Designed by Mycake
Players 2-10
Length As long as you like
Extra Material Chips/betting tokens

A game of betting and bluffing for scoundrels, rogues and blaggards.


Designed by Cristyn Magnus
Players 2
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material dice and tokens

a game of city building


Designed by Ralph T
Players 2-5
Length TBC
Extra Material 30 suit chips (5 for each suit)

A Decktet version of the card game Wildlife Safari

Monster Day

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2
Length 15 minutes
Extra Material 2 dice, monster tokens

a game for 2 mad wizards


Designed by Johannes Hüsing
Players 2-4
Length 20 mins
Extra Material None

An attempt to adapt Red7 by Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik to the Decktet.

Moving Day

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2
Length 15 minutes
Extra Material 2 dice, special tokens

a game for 2 players, using the Decktet


Designed by Jesse Millikan
Players 4 (3)
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material 12 (11) chips of each suit, 4 (3) action squares

You are a dedicated artist of the sultanate of Muse, a tiny island trade port in the middle of the sea of Muse surrounded by six other nations. Muse has a strange local economy; there is no local currency and a very limited amount of each of the other six nations’ currencies. Since it’s about all the islanders think of, all the art looks like one or more of the six currencies!

Your goal is to be the greatest artist on muse, which is to say, the one who has the most artworks in the sultan’s palace.

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