All The Games

Here's a list of all the games currently available on the wiki:

Corundum Conundrum

Designed by Nate Straight
Players 4
Length 1 hour?
Extra Material None

a partnership trick-taking game


Designed by Richard Skifton
Players 1 - *
Length 60-90
Extra Material Suit Chips

Take on the NES with the Decktet


Designed by Daniele Mazzoni
Players 2-4
Length 10 minutes
Extra Material None

Decktet-Uno was designed thinking of Uno. Play it at your own risk. :)


Designed by Ryan Hackel
Players 2-5
Length 30 min
Extra Material Looney Pyramids

Pyramids struggle for territory

Double Knot

Designed by Daniël Muilwijk
Players 3-5
Length ?
Extra Material None

A trick-taking game for 3 to 5 players with a lot of trumps.

Dueling Runes

Designed by Jorge Arroyo
Players 2 (Works with 1-4)
Length 20m
Extra Material Some markers, a die for each player

A game of spell casting and dueling.

Election Day

Designed by Joe Mucchiello
Players 3-5
Length 20-30 minutes
Extra Material None

An influence the outcome game for 3-5 players

Emu ranchers

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2
Length 25 minutes
Extra Material None

a game of bird ranching for 2 players

Emu Ranchers Deluxe

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 2-4
Length 45 minutes
Extra Material None

a bigger game of bird ranching; Emu Ranchers for 2-4 players


Designed by Jens Alfke
Players 2(?)
Length ?
Extra Material Markers, Pawns

A story-making game (still under design)


Designed by Fergus Hadley
Players 3-5
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material 8 tokens

Escape a sinking prison ship with or without your fellow inmates. A cooperative, deduction game for the Decktet.

Fifes and Drums

Designed by P.D. Magnus and Greg Payne
Players 2
Length 15 minutes
Extra Material six tokens, battlefield track

sudden but inevitable betrayal or the most efficient rout

Fifth Challenge

Designed by Jorge Arroyo
Players 2-4
Length 15m
Extra Material 6 sided die

A light adventure game.


Designed by Alexander Brady
Players 2 (3)
Length 5-15 minutes per game
Extra Material Extended Decktet

A game of bluffing and set-building.

Follow the Author

Designed by Mycake
Players 2
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material Something to keep score with

A battle for lexicographical superiority.

Forget Venice

Designed by Andrew Watson
Players 3
Length 45 minutes
Extra Material Cheat Sheet and Player Sheet

Forget Venice (FV) is a set collection game. It uses a "divide the pie into three slices" mechanism to distribute cards to the players. Scoring, which takes place at the end of each half of the game, involves assessing your collection against three criteria. Most cards will score on more than one criterion.

Fractured Atlas

Designed by Mike Everett-Lane
Players 2-4
Length 60 minutes
Extra Material Extended deck; 30-40 stackable tokens for each player in different colors

Another 4X Decket game!


Designed by José Carlos de Diego Guerrero
Players 2-5
Length 20-30m
Extra Material 30 frogs (6 pawns/coins in 5 colors)

A racing game based on the famous videogame. (Translated from Frogger)

A rethemed version appears as Xing in the The Decktet Book.


Designed by Greg James
Players 2-5
Length 15
Extra Material Suit Chips/Tokens: 10 in each of the Decktet's 6 suits

Gasp! is a chaotic, extremely interactive trick-taking game for the Basic Decktet, a handful of its suited tokens and 2-5 players. Players are likely to gasp in astonishment as they watch their fortunes change with alarming frequency and rapidity.

One token in the reigning suit is awarded after each trick and the winner will be the first player to acquire 2 tokens in each of the Decktet’s 6 suits.

Goblin Market

Designed by P.D. Magnus
Players 3-6
Length 30 minutes
Extra Material coins

a magical little auction game

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